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The track was created by Gabor Talmacsi’s father, Istvan Talmacsi, and was opened to the public in 2010. Besides the 380-meter long race track, Gabor Talmacsi’s private museum can be viewed by visitors, as well as the motor school’s infrastructure. The track itself has unique corner combinations, ideal for individuals wanting to perfect their motorcycle techniques. Every meter on the track provides the rider with special experience.

The safety of the track was a highly important aspect when designing the track. It is safe for motorcycle riders of all levels.

The Talmacsi museum beside the track provides a glimpse into Talmacsi’s spectacular career, where visitors can see some of his racing overalls, motorcycles, cups, medals, and awards.

Opening times:

From March until the end October, those interested can ride on our track, even after nightfall under lights! Upon request, the track can be tried out and observed during the winter months.

It is necessary to reserve an appointment for the practice.


Riding with rented motorcycle and overalls

Riding with own motorcycle and overalls

Annual pass: means that the owner of the pass can ride on the track throughout the year, the motorbike, the protective wear and staff will be provided by us.

Motorcycle instructional courses

Basic course:  instructed under  safety regulations, the children are taught about the basic components of riding a motorcycle.

The course includes: 2 hours of training, 2 times per week. Duration: 5 weeks.

We provide the motorcycle and protective wear.

Advanced:  After the completion of the basic course, there is opportunity to advance your skills of riding a motorcycle under our direct supervision and professional help.

Track use:  Those children and adults who wish to ride on a track can do so at the Talmacsi Ring and Kresz Park. There is also an opportunity to take part in a one-day course where we teach the fundamentals of motorcycling.



For the basic courses, Yamaha PW small bikes are available and used. For safety, the motorcycles have automatic transmission and have similar braking system on the front and back as on a bicycle.

Bike specifications: 2.7 horsepower, 2 strokes.

This bike provides joy and ease of riding for children. It is fun to ride while learning the basics of motorcycling. Currently, there are  bikes available for use as well as rider overall of all sizes.



Talmacsi mobile track renting

If the mobile track is rented we provide  Yamaha PW50 motorcycles for kids free of charge. We also provide the required protective wear as well as two instructors.

Track dimensions: 16 x 7 meter. For the track to be set up, 220v electricity outlet is required for it to function properly. Such track provides kids with the opportunity to try motorcycles in a professional environment.

Waterpark rent

Fully functioning, outdoor waterpark provides children with a safe and extremely fun environment to play in. Ideal for hot summer days.

Retro car rentals

Powered by pedalling by foot, ideal for 3-7 year olds, our 6 retro Moszkvics cars provide a lot of fun. 1 instructor is provided for help.


These are rentable separetly or in all too. Please contact us for the prices: Ágnes Ficzere (, +36 30 625 9074) or at




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